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360 Home Photography (360)is committed to providing top quality services & customer support in a timely & friendly manner. In order to ensure that we can continue doing so, we need to be confident that our clients understand and agree to our company’s service agreement.

By placing an services from us, you agree to the following terms:


Scheduling and Turnaround Times


"Work" hereafter refers to any photography, videography/videos, and anyother artistic and intellectual property created for Client by 360 Home Photography(360). 360 requires a minimum turnaround time of 24 hours for photos, and 72 hours videos, floor plans, and panoramas. This time commences from the time we have completed the work on-site. Weekends or holidays are not counted; turnaround times shall apply only to business days/hours. For example, if we agree to shoot a property on a weekend or holiday, we will commence the turnaround timing on the first business day that follows. Client understands that the turnaround times cannot be changed unless agreed upon in writing by 360. If time permits and 360 agrees to expedite the work in less than the original agreed upon time, then a premium may be charged. If a return trip is requested, such as for twilight photos, the turnaround time is reset upon completing the shoot on the return arrival to property. (For example, if we arrive to a property to shoot photos at 3pm and finish the shoot at 5pm, Client will receive those photos at 5pm next day. However, if Client requests a return trip for twilight photos, for example, and360 returns to the property at 8pm and finishes the shoot at 9pm, then those twilight photos will be ready by 9pm the next day.) Feature sheets are printed and picked up 48 hours only after client agrees to design/layout.


The Shoot
If 360 arrives to the property and does not have access to shoot the property (whether via lock-box or agent/owner) within a reasonable time (5-10 minutes) or if the property is not ready or available to be photographed, Client will be charged $60 plus travel (see “Travel” below). Unless specifically requested by the client, 360 will assume discretion in selecting which rooms or views to photograph. if the room was not staged up and the client still wish to have the pictures taken, 360 will follow the order. 360 will not wait the client to move things around during the shooting.


Retake pictures will be charged for $60+HST plus Travel.


Preparing for the Shoot

360 will shoot the property as is upon arrival. As such, we urge the Client or owner of the property to thoroughly de-clutter prior to our arrival (some recommendations: hide all clutter f rom kitchen and bathroom counters, conceal garbage cans and small floor mats/rugs, conceal baby toys, conceal all visible cables f rom telephones and other electronics). We require all lights in the entire property be turned on. Shoot times vary f rom as little as 30 minutes for basic photos to up-to and over 3 hours for videos-depending on the size of the property.


360 has the right to cancel the shoot if dangerous animals are not properly contained on the premises of the property. Client will be charged $60 plus travel in such a case.



Long distances service change of $20 will be applied if the houses address is in Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, or more than 30km away f rom our office location between High Way 7 and Bayview.  



Pricing as per 360 website. Additional work above and beyond menu pricing on website at $80/hr. 360 may update it’s pricing at any time without notice. Most up to date pricing available at www.360homephotography.com




360 will only take Cash, Visa or Master Card Payment, no refound upon payments made.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled property shoot via email; cancelling within 24 hours of business day (Monday- Friday 9am-5pm)a booked appointment is subject to a fee of $60/hourly rate will apply, house under 4000 sqft shooting is 1 hour, 3D, Floor plan and video services is 1 hour per each 1000 sqft.


Liability Policy


Client releases 360 of any and all damage, loss, or injury that may result f rom work on the property.


Booking & Payment

Client agrees to pay a booking deposit of $60 in order to secure a booking /appointment with 360 on a set date and time; the remaining balance is to be paid once services are completed at the house and before 360 sending out any digital files to the clints. 360 will send client completed work upon full payment. 360 accepts: credit card or email money transfer. Deposit must be made prior to the shoot. Client is responsible for any transaction or bounce fees that may arise.



Floor Plans & Virtual Staging


2d and 3d floor plans and virtual stages are intended for graphical purposes only and are not intended to provide any specific information. Sizes, scales, and dimensions are approximate. Actual usable floor space may vary f rom specified floor area calculations. E. & O. E. 360 will use its discretion in designing both 2d and 3d plans (including layout, text, furniture, scale, colors, and any other features related to floor plans). Custom changes will be billed at $80/hr.

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